Chat Rules If you use our chat feature, you agree to the rules below and assure that you abide by these rules. If you don't follow them, we have the full rights to mute you for a certain time or permanently ban you from the chat.

#1 You may not post any links. Neither from this site nor from others!
#2 You can't insult, harass or morginalize other users for their origin, religion or disability.
#3 It may not be advertised for other sites!
#4 The chat is not a support room!
#5 Predictions are currently not allowed in the chat! There will be a predictions room soon.
#6 Begging for Coins is forbidden in chat!
#7 Allowed languages: English & German

Chat ranks / chat colors Here are explanations of the different colors in the chat:
- White -> Normal User
- green -> Admin
- blue -> YouTuber
- yellow -> VIP
- purple -> Partner
- orange -> Mod

Chat Emotes Use Mouseover Tooltip to see the Command.

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